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Medical facilities are susceptible to liability lawsuits, property damage, and cyberattacks. Medical office insurance can protect your small business from these high cost risks and more.
Business Insurance Needs For Medical And Health Care Offices

Odds are, you entered the medical profession so you could focus on keeping your patients healthy and safe through top-quality health care services. As an independent medical practice owner, you also need to keep the business side of your office running safely and soundly. One of the most important ways to do that is to purchase a business insurance policy that fits your needs.

The right combination of coverages can help protect your office’s physical structure, the integrity of patients’ electronic medical records and private information, expensive equipment and more.

Your patients invest in health insurance to keep themselves financially stable in the event of a major illness or dental problem. Have you done the same to protect your practice from a significant loss?

Here are some of the coverages you may want to consider:

  • General liability coverage
  • Business property coverage
  • Data compromise coverage
  • Valuable papers and records coverage
  • Employment practices liability coverage

Other Coverages your Medical Practice might want to consider include:

  • Professional liability/malpractice insurance
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
Why do medical offices need insurance?

Just as your patients rely on health insurance, your medical office needs coverage to protect against costly risks. Medical office insurance and insurance for healthcare professionals can help mitigate the financial impact of a data breach, malpractice lawsuit, employee injury, billing error, and more.

We know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to find all the coverage you need in one place. Get the protection you need to help keep your medical offices running successfully, contact us today !.

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  • Property coverage
  • General liability coverage
  • Valuable papers and records
  • Personal And Advertising Injury
  • Cyber Liability coverage
  • Perishable medicines coverage
  • Business income coverage

Property Coverage

Risk Factors

Your property is always exposed to risks such as fire, theft and other unexpected events which can cause a great loss to you.


Accidents and disasters happen every day. A property coverage can help you cover the losses in case your property is damaged due to some perils.

General liability Coverage

Risk Factors

There can be instances where a visitor gets injured in the medical office premises and you become liable for the medical expenses.


General  liability coverage can help pay medical costs and damages if your business is found liable after a patient, vendor or anyone else is injured during a visit to your office.

Valuable papers and records Coverage

Risk Factors

You may keep many of your records on papers and in case you loose them, you may end up loosing confidential data of people.


Valuable papers and records coverage can help pay for the cost of researching and replacing papers that have been damaged or destroyed.

Personal And Advertising Injury Coverage

Risk Factors

A competing company, supplier or other person can make a personal or advertising injury claims against your company for allegations of slander, defamation, or falsehoods.


Personal & Advertising injury can help you compensate for legal or other costs.

Cyber Liability Coverage

Risk Factors

The medical office surely has all their patient’s confidential data and a cyber-attack can leak this data.


Cyber liability coverage also called data breach insurance, this policy helps medical offices survive cyberattacks and data breaches. It covers costs like client notification and credit monitoring

Perishable medicines Coverage

Risk Factors

There can be a refrigerator or cold storage issue and the perishable medicines can get damaged. You stand liable for the loss.


Spoilage coverage can help pay to replace perishable medicines that are lost as a result of a power outage, equipment breakdown or fridge contamination issue.

Business income Coverage

Risk Factors

Events like fire can have a major impact on your practice and affect your business revenue badly.


Business income insurance can  help replace lost income if you can’t run your business because of covered property damage, like a fire.

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